Big LED Screen

Led electronic signs are designed for various using environments both indoor and outdoor by using such technologies as photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technique and automatic control technology to display various information factors such as words, texts, images, drawing, animation, stock quotation as well as various multimedia information and TV and video signals. The display board is formed by led parts and has such advantages as high definition, bright color, wide visible angle, stable operation, long service life and low power consumption. Due to its unit modular construction, the size of the led display panel can be flexibly controlled according to customers’ requirement.

In the future, the competition of the advertising market will be the competition of customer value, brand value, customer management and professional quality. Recently domestically famous advertising companies like Focus Media, Oriental Pearl, Tulip Media, Advision Media and Vastitude Media march into the outdoor advertising led display market, which even more declares that thriving vitality of the led advertising display market.

As is known to all, the working place of high-end people undoubtedly takes up most time of the treasure leaders, in other words, the influences of outdoor full color led advertising display on treasure leaders are huge. So what advantages outdoor full color advertising led display has?

1. Attraction.

The video images of led advertising signs can raise strong visual impact, which will attract the passing-bys to watch.

2. Dynamics.

Led advertising screen overcomes the shortcomings of billboards and neon lamp. The adjustable advertising pictures can be adjusted and changed at any time according to customers’ need and support the latest and newest content.

3. Infusion.

The advertising pictures displayed by the advertising display screens can be displayed for many times every day, which can transmit different information to customers and further improve the audience rate of the advertisement.

4. Impact force.

The led advertising screen is high-definition video display with huge picture, strong innervations and bright colors, which have very strong impact force.

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