Double Sided Light Box LED Screen


The highest calibre signage on the market today is LED which provides a far higher standard light output capacity than other light signage products. Perfect for businesses investing in sustainable solutions in marketing, branding a shop or company with LED light box signage is renewable resource consumption on display. Boost traffic with a strategic outdoor advertising campaign in LED. Light box technology supported advertising is the most cost efficient and effective mechanism for attracting new customers.

Purpose of LED Light Box Signage
If the singular most purpose of signage is to present brand identity and communicate organisational information, LED light box signage is formidable in public conveyance of marketing and other key messages.

In addition to standardised LED light boxes pre-prepared for marketing slogan, customisation allows for individual selection of colors, formats and sizes. Create a new image for your shop, business or organisation with LED light box signage content and graphics. LED light box signage encasement made of aluminum framing enables versatility in size, shape, and finish.

LED Light Box Signage Features
Featuring the latest in energy efficient electronic components, LED signage offers uniform luminosity day and night. Flashing features in LED signage increase visibility from a distance. The visual impact of LED advertising signage is as powerful as it is cost saving. Businesses can transform their brand identity in a simple LED light box advertising statement. Eliminate additional costs linked to extensive value chain advertising with upfront visibility in LED.

Main Features
1. Brand Identity– customisation of signage to meet strategic marketing values

2. Design Customisation – light box technology is slim, lightweight, and easily maintained

3. Energy Savings – significant energy savings meet sustainable marketing budgets

4. Extended Reach – local placement of LED signage attracts convenience oriented customers

5. Slide Replacement– aesthetics can be altered with simple update of slides

6. Uniform Luminosity – illumination of advertising across distance


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